Design Co. is one of Canada’s leading construction management companies. It has earned and, with each project, continues to maintain a solid reputation for innovative, high quality management solutions for property owners and developers in Toronto and throughout North America,

Design Co. was founded by Architect Dyako Ebrahimian ,Since the company’s inception, DDC has accumulated an enviable portfolio of successful projects and an impressive conglomerate of experienced individuals with over 25 years of design, construction and project management expertise.  The company currently operates out of several locations in the Greater Toronto area in Canada, and has its head office in mid-town Toronto at 250 Harding Blvd.

Design Co. distinguished itself early on by virtue of its confident strategy: Design Co. was prepared to assume risk. We put our talents on the line, invested in critical projects and even more critical internal talent and resources, and met with the success we had targeted. Our ability to deliver exceptional design, guaranteed pricing (GMP) and timely completions has resulted in the company’s penetration of and rapid growth in the design/build industry. Quality and reliability remain our cornerstones as we expand our repertoire to increasingly diverse projects across North America.

Design Co. and You:

Design Co. draws on a wide range of disciplines that enable us to initiate and/or oversee all functions from concept to finishing. In fact, our experience has shown that our early involvement in the planning stages yields significant time and cost savings and virtually guarantees on-time, on-spec and on-budget delivery.

During the critical pre-construction phase, Design Co. partners with owners and architects to review the scope of the project, and to analyze materials, equipment, techniques, schedules and the overall impact on project costs, quality and timing. We have the ability to About02identify and mitigate potential conflicts and problematic planning or execution issues. We can generate significant cost savings, reduce the number of mid-project changes, fast track the schedule and improve working relationships among all team members. As part of the bidding process, DD Corporation prepares and tenders bid packages, reviews and analyzes submissions, and awards tenders to reputable, pre qualified trade contractors.

Acting as General Contractor Design Co. has spent decades cultivating solid relationships with subcontractors and suppliers, and the strength of these relationships allows us to confidently offer efficient and reliable delivery on price and performance. We use the most efficient and current construction materials and methods, and ensure that potential duplication is identified, managed and eliminated.

As Design-Build experts, we work to establish a clear understanding of our client’s operational environment and functional requirements, and tailor our critical path accordingly. This integrative approach drives all design, engineering, estimating, value-engineering, risk management, scheduling and construction. All stakeholders are brought together in a strategic framework to ensure successful execution in an open and collaborative manner. By leveraging every aspect of our in-house expertise, Design Co. confidently assumes the full responsibility for execution, including but not limited to land acquisition, financing, leasing, and feasibility, as well as installation of production machinery and long term facility maintenance.

In all our designated roles, Design Co. partner-oriented approach encourages cooperative relationships with owners and architects, and creates achievable project expectations for the benefit of all parties.

Dyako Ebrahimian
Director of Design and Construction

Dyako Ebrahimian is founding Directors and Construction Manager for the group. He is a Canadian Construction Association, Professional Gold Seal Certified building construction specialist with over 26 years of experience as a Construction Manager/Project Superintendent in Canada, Turkey and Iran.

Mr. Dyako Ebrahimian has been working in Architecture, Urban Design and Public Art since graduating from the Urban Design About01Graduate Program at British Colombia University in Canada and Art and Architecture University of Tehran. Since commencing professional practice in Toronto, he has completed approximately 180 buildings in Canada, Turkey and Iran. His portfolio includes a wide range of commercial, institutional and multi-family residential projects, and he has completed a number of urban designs and planning studies. His clients have included many development companies, institutions and municipal governments. He has won urban design and streetscape awards for condominium projects.

Mr. Ebrahimian’s extensive construction experience includes Design Build, Construction Management, and Stipulated Sum, Guaranteed Maximum Price and Unit Rate contract methods and several combinations of the aforementioned. In particular, the depth of his practical experience allows him to ensure that all projects comply with industry standards, that safety programs are adhered to and that the total construction effort is completed in accordance with the design, budget, and project schedule.

Mr. Ebrahimian provides technical direction, including interpretation of drawings, specifications and building code compliance. He has a deep understanding of construction industry disciplines, building construction methods, land development, cash flow management and project financing. These skills allow him to deliver the highest quality projects for owners and stakeholders.

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